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Neverwinter Nights Linux Tue, 11 Nov 2008 23:14:59 -0500

Pretty much ever since I've been playing the Linux port of Neverwinter Nights, I've been using a shell script, to symlink all the data files, and hard link the directories, so that I could store the saved games in my $HOME somehwere, reather than making the data directory just be writable, and having my saved games stored in the global directory. Just recently, I've done a little work to fix up that script, and put it in a state that is suitable for release to others. I also made up a desktop file, and the great Hylke Bons is working on an awesome icon to use. Today, I wrote a hack using LD_PRELOAD to override the fopen() method, so that the various "Talk Tables" for different translations, can all be installed simultaneously, and the correct one will be loaded for the user's language.

Unfortunately, it is not clear whether or not these files are distributable, or if creating additonal translations would break the EULA. There's also no clear license specified for the "Community Expansion Pack" which is available on the Bioware NWN site, and contains a collection of community-created content. Another little nit with the talk table translations, is that they seem to use the latin-1 character set, limiting translations to those locales. If there is some way to use UTF-8 here instead, that would be awesome, but I am not sure it is possible, and information on-line is somewhat scarce. If anyone from Bioware or Atari sees this, please contact me, as I would love to be able to re-distribute at least some of the pieces of the Linux port of Neverwinter Nights, to integrate the game better into the Linux desktop, and provide easy-to-install updates, via distribution packages. I don't guess there will be any new official patch versions to update to though.

As for translating the content, I have been pondering adding support for the talk table files to intltool. It would make translating the content very easy, and would be a fun little experiment. Mostly I am doing this for my own enjoyment, and to play around with bzr a little more. The integration bits I have been working on can be found on Launchpad.

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