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Pre Tricklet Sun, 07 Jun 2009 22:49:03 -0400

So, I just got my Pre yesterday, and was messing about with copying some of my more important contacts over (until my new Laptop arrives, and I can use Vista to copy the rest over from my older Win Mobile phone), and noticed that the Pre doesn't save commas in contact entries. After no luck searching through the manual, or with a search of the internets, I ended up calling Sprint's customer support. Apparently, I'm the first person to call about this issue, and so nobody could help really, though it was suggested to possibly call Palm directly. So I went back to do a little searching, and found some references to using the 'p' or 'w' characters to mean pause/wait on other phones. Not exactly the results I was hoping for, but inserting a 'p' does let me store the bit of information I need in the contact entry, and use it in the dialer. It simply does a 'wait for input' type of thing, and appends a button for the next sequence of numbers to dial, which must be manually 'pressed' during the call. At least it will let me still use conference numbers at least somewhat more easily than remembering the PIN myself.

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